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Please note that SHIPPING IS NOT included in the price.  We will contact you after your order has been received to let you know the cost of shipping.

You are welcome to pick your items up from our Victoria location.

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Local Nucs

We have 5 frame nucs!!

$260 by Cash, Cheque or Etransfer

$269 by Credit Card or Online

These boxes will have a nuc box that requires a $20 cash deposit on pickup, the deposit is returned when you return the box.

Contact us at or by calling 250-580-2337

Packaged Bee and Nuc Disclaimer:

When Packages arrive you will have up to 2 days to pick them up, we cannot hold them any longer.  The sooner they are installed the better.  Purchasers assume responsibility of the livestock once it leaves the pickup location.  We ensure that the bees are in good health and fed until they are picked up.  Once picked up the purchaser assumes all responsibility of their well being. Urban Bee Supplies and Urban Bee Honey Farm is not held liable once they’re handed over to the new owner.

If you have issues with queens please notify us, depending on the issues and circumstances queens might be replaced.  This is at the discretion of our bee broker and not through Urban Bee Supplies or Urban Bee Honey Farm.

Please note, that if your queen in dead in the package it’s usually because there is already a queen in the package.

All nucs are inspected and given a good bill of health prior to sale, any issues of disease following the pickup of packages/nucs is the responsibility of the new owner.

Local 5 Frame Nucs- Limited quantities available

Delivery of Local Nucs will be on or around June 5th, date has not been set.  You can choose to purchase your nucs online and pay $259, or pay by cash, sending a cheque or an e-transfer and pay $250.  This will save you  $9 per nuc.

Nucs will be picked up from Urban Bee Honey Farm within 2 days of delivery. We cannot ship bees.  Your purchase includes a non-refundable $25 deposit, should you decide you no longer want them after purchasing. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before purchasing bees, by purchasing you agree to the below terms.