Nutritional Suppliments

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  • Energy Plus 500g

    Energy plus contains pure unpasturized honey, bee pollen, and propolis. Give your body a kick of energy with this delicious combination. These products have been used for centuries as nutritional suppliements for ummune system support. Put a scoop in your … Read More
  • Royal Honey 500g

    Royal honey contains pure unpasteurized honey and royal jelly. Royal jelly has been used for centuries as a nutritional supplement helping to support the immune system and in the maintenance of good health. 1 tsbp contains 1000mg of royal jelly.
  • Vitality 500g

    Vitality contains pure unpasteurized honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. This combination provides you with all the benefits of the beehive, this includes; all 28 minerals your body requires, up to 25% protein and vitamins.  Great for vegetarians. Put … Read More