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    Hot Pepper Infused Honey

    Our infused honeys are made on the farm. We take local habinaro peppers, dry them, and then infused them into our Blueberry honey for 3 months. The honey pulls all the delicious flavours and oils out of the the peppers. … Read More
  • Kfactor 16 Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey is a medicinal honey from New Zealand, pure Manuka honey is labeled with it’s Kfactor, guaranteeing the percentage of manuka pollens in the honey. This Manuka is a Kfactor 16, with 75% guaranteed manuka pollen. This product is … Read More
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    Lavender Infused Honey

    We infuse our local blueberry honey with local lavender grown on the farm. This honey is often used on scones or in teas.
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    Smoke Infused Honey

    Every chef needs a jar of this, it’s amazing. We love it on salmon, soft cheese, charcuterie boards, meats and marinades. It took us a year to figure out the secret to making it so amazingly smokey.
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    Whiskey Infused Honey

    We take used Whiskey barrels from DeVine Vineyards and fill them with our Blueberry honey. Then age the honey for 5-6 weeks. The honey pulls moisture out of anything surrounding it, including the wood. The wood starts to crack and … Read More